Recall Class

Games Based Concept Dog Training

Just like you, your dog has an internal story that they tell themselves about the world around them.
This story leads them to experience different emotions such as calmness, worry, fear or excitement.
The behaviours that you see from your dog, all stem from the emotions they are feeling in any given moment.
To change a behaviour, we first need to look at the emotions your dog is experiencing.
How do we do that?
By playing specific games, we are building on the key concepts (skills),
such as focus, calmness, optimism, disengagement and so many more that your dog needs help with.

These concepts are the building blocks that enable your dog to regulate their emotions and choose behaviours we all love.

Concept Training goes way beyond simply training behaviours.

Big Dog asks Little Dog, "Why are you not barking like me?"

Little Dog looks up at his friend with a puzzled expression, "why are you barking?"

Feeling a little confused, Big Dog replies, "it is what I always do."

"Are you scared?" asks Little Dog.

"Hmm, I'm not sure, maybe. I cannot describe it. How do you feel Little Dog?"

"I feel calm."

Big Dog looks down at his friend, "Oh, I think I like the sound of that."

Step One

Getting To Know You & Your Dog

Through a detailed behaviour questionnaire and consultation (in person or virtually) we will focus on your current concerns and aspirations for the future.

A clear three step transformation plan is then put together for you, working on the specific skills (concepts) that your dog needs support with.

You will also receive all the support you need to get your training off to a fabulous start.

Step Two

Play Games

Both you and your dog will love this part of the transformation - you get to play games.

By focusing on specific games, we will be building on those key concepts that best support your dog. Over time the way your dog perceives the world can easily be reshaped, resulting in behaviours we love.

With over 350 3 minutes games to choose from, you and your dog are in for many surprises and a lot of FUN.

Step Three

Real Life Transformation

The aspirations for the future that you had are now becoming your reality. You and your dog are now in harmony with each other.

You will be seeing your dog go from strength to strength with their new understanding of the world around them.

Imagine your dog having the skills to make great choices while feeling relaxed, calm and confident - even when on their own.


Recall Class

New Clients
Option 1

In person 1-2-1 training
3 x 75 minute sessions

New Clients
Option 2

Online video 1-2-1 training
3 x 75 minute sessions.

Existing Clients
Option 1

In person top up
1 x 75 minute session

Existing Clients
Option 2

Online video top up
1 x 75 minute session.

"Beneath every behaviour there is a feeling.

And beneath each feeling is a need.

And when we meet that need rather than focus on the behaviour,

we begin to deal with the cause not the symptom."

-Ashleigh Warner

Client Testimonials

"It is an absolute pleasure working with Natalie. I was able to discuss my concerns and thoughts before we got our puppy, she had brilliant tips and expertly curbed my spending spree to the better equipment. The Concept training approach is perfect for our family, as playing the games creates a strong bond with all family members, which was our number one priority - to have an affectionate dog wanting to spend time with each of us. Our training needs are quite bespoke due to being a wheelchair household, but Natalie takes it all in her stride and has innovative ideas to achieve the outcomes we want, setting layers of behaviour to promote to step by step reach the goal. Could not ask for a more personalised focus on our dog and our household. Highly recommend Cornerstone Canine Training!"
"He really is a different dog! You have worked wonders with him (and still are) and we are so grateful. As you said, he’s such a softy for humans but other dogs really did make him uneasy, but now he is just nosey and knows it’s mush more rewarding ignoring them!"

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